About Us

  Mel and Josh Strand met while serving in the US Army and were married in 2004. Their four permanent dogs are Judge (Cane Corso), Lilo (Maltese), Gordon (Cocker Spaniel), and Chancy (Rottweiler/Shepherd Mix) though they often have other dogs staying with them whether they be fostered or rescues. The couple occasionally welcome dogs into our family that have behavioral problems and let them live with their own pack until they feel the dogs are rid of their problems and ready to go back home. As well as dogs, Mel and Josh also have three Fancy Goldfish and two Oscars. As animal lovers they recognize the attachment you have with your pets and treat them as one of their own.

  Mel graduated from Penn Foster's Grooming School and has been grooming dogs professionally since 2006. She takes great pride in every dog she grooms with an attention to detail learned from her time served in the Military.

  Josh is a third generation dog trainer who combines old school wisdom with new age techniques. With the guidance of his father and grandfather, Josh has a tremendous understanding of dog behavior and is always willing to lend a hand with problems you may be having.